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Archive for 十一月, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 十一月 20

出來快一個月了, 今天終於把他灌在USB中玩玩

感覺:動作比8.04慢, 網路的設定比8.04方便



Mandriva 2009 十一月 19

I have downloaded the .iso from local FTP (in Taiwan). When booting up, there is a selection of Traditional Chinese. But during installation, there is no Chinese (only HongKong) available.

After system setup, it runs well under English enviroment. I install Chinese input method found at gcin appears on the desktop but not working.

Keep walking!!

Ubuntu變成貪吃大怪獸 十一月 13

我的Ubuntu USB開機後吃掉我Ram+Swap共1.5G


這個scim-launcher到底是啥怪物 吃了600M?!